Mediation is one of the most effective…

Mediation is one of the most effective ways of resolving a dispute. You are able to hire one of our accredited mediators to help resolve a dispute. The mediator acts impartially and is a ‘go-between’ two or sometimes three or four parties. Some mediations take half a day and some take a full day with the aim to resolve a dispute in full and final.
Our mediators are trained and formally accredited by the ADR Group.


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Workplace Mediation

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is never an easy task. Conflict can occur in any employment relationship and in most cases can be solved by the employees themselves or their line manager. However, sometimes it can escalate and we can step in to avoid a tense difficult situation or an employment tribunal claim.

Fusion Law employment lawyers regularly intervene in workplace disputes which have arisen because of poor communication resulting in misunderstandings and conflict. Our mediation services involve using an accreditedmediator to bring both conflicting parties together to help them towards finding common ground and coming up with a way of moving forward.

Conflict in the workplace takes up valuable time and can have a very damaging effect on a business. Bringing an external mediator into the meeting can improve the chances of achieving a successful outcome by offering a new approach to resolve a problem with our neutral mediator.

International Mediation

International mediation is a voluntary form of conflict management to resolve disputes between international parties. It refers to activities conducted by various international companies with the aim of managing international disputes.
Just as the parties in these conflicts can be both state and non state actors, outside parties that could be motivated to mediate these conflicts can be just as diverse and numerous. Mediation of seemingly intractable conflicts requires a deep understanding of the parties’ grievances and a tenacious commitment to resolving the conflict.
When parties involved in a serious conflict want to avoid a court battle, mediation can be an effective alternative. During the mediation process, our accredited mediator will attempt to narrow down the issues in contention in the order to assist the parties to find common ground using principles of collaborative negotiation.

Commercial Mediation

Mediation has always given those with professional conflicts the opportunity to resolve problems in a cost effective manner. We want to find a more flexible solution to your disputes outside of court.

Our service offers a chance of reaching viable solutions to commercial discord allowing parties to preserve valuable commercial relationships.Mediation can be used effectively in commercial contracts, professional negligence, intellectual property, landlord and tenant disputes and any nuisance claims.

Our accredited mediators do not evaluate the rights and wrongs of the case or direct the two sides to a particular settlement. Mediators ensure that every participant having issues has the chance to express themselves, and will work with each to explore all the topics in dispute.

Mediation is a confidential process that is free from prejudice. It is cost-effective and in an informal Setting.

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