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Mediation Matters

Mediation has been a hot topic in the world of dispute resolution for many years. It is an important consideration when parties are enthralled in a dispute or disagreement.

A cost effective and flexible way of resolving disputes, it enables parties to avoid the costs of engaging in potentially time consuming and expensive litigations and re- focus efforts on profit generating exercises for the company.

Mediation is an important tool in narrowing down the issues in contention and providing a platform for parties to openly and confidentially discuss matters with the assistance of a mediator. The potential benefits of mediation are clear: parties are provided with an opportunity to explore creative resolutions which are more about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’, that are not available in a court room, potentially allowing parties to preserve critical commercial relationships. In addition, it facilitates an environment in which parties are able to negotiate mutually beneficial resolutions.

How can we help?

Mediation is available for a variety of disputes including commercial matters, employment matters and personal matters.
Our accredited mediators are able to provide you with further information on how mediation may be able to benefit you or your business and further benefits. Please contact us on 0203 826 4508 or by emailing us at

Satia Chotai  – 16 May 2018

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